Valentine Afternoon Tea

There is no better way to celebrate Valentine’s weekend than afternoon tea. Here at Bea’s, the only thing we take more seriously than love is cake. No one can deny that the two go hand in hand better than anything else. Our notorious afternoon tea has got a revamp that even stuns Cupid. Surprise your date to an “pick n mix” of lovely treats, cakes and sandwiches. Combine that with some champagne and we got a winning formula.

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Lunch: Spring Pastures at Bea’s!

Bea’s is going green and lush for lunch. You can enjoy a satisfying healthy lunch and there will be space for cake. Having a healthy start to the year is important but we all need the energy to see us through our working day. Bea’s of Bloomsbury has laid out a market style selection.


All In Love With Macaroons!

Bea’s of Bloomsbury is full of love this season. What other “nibblets” can be better shared between loved ones than macaroons!