Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

This is one of the most popular things in English culture and almost everyone has heard about it. The classic afternoon tea is served with a pot of black tea, usually Earl Grey, with a small jar of milk or a slice of lemon to aromatase the tea. It’s also served with scones or different kinds of sweets like cupcakes but if you prefer salty food you can always drink it with a savoury baguette with cheese.

If you are visiting London and you want to commit to this tradicion, there’s plenty of places where you can have your afternoon tea in the city. Bloomsbury, Farringdon, Maida Vale, Marylebone or St. Paul’s are the most popular neighbourhoods to enjoy the best coffee and eat the best cakes.

Where to have tea and coffee in St. Paul’s

Black Sheep Coffee

It’s a really popular chain in London and you can find this coffee shop all around the city. They have different types of coffee and experienced baristas that will help you decide among all the tasty flavours. If you are a coffee lover and like to try new things, this is your place.

Carter Lane Coffee House

It’s a small café in a small street but it’s a true jewel for a coffee lover. It’s a hidden tresour with only capacity for around eight people and it will become one of your favourite places in the city. They have delicious food like muffins and savoury baguettes and they also have lots of gluten free food.

Where to have tea and coffee in Marylebone

Saint Espresso

It’s a tiny café with an unmistakable style. They have a tasty selection of teas and cakes and the hot chocolate is just amazing. They also have vegan options and the service is kind and charming. It’s the perfect place to start your day in a good mood or to enjoy one of the best afternoon tea with a delicious sweet.

PAUL Marylebone

The whole place smells like happiness. Everything is so good and tasty that you will want to try it all. The cupcakes are just perfect, the croissants and the eggs are incredible and the sweets will blow your mind. You have to try the chocolate macaron or one of their just-baked cakes!

Where to have tea and coffee in Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury Coffee House

If you want to start your day in a good mood or you want to have an incredible brunch this is one of the best places to go. The coffee is amazing and the all vibe and environment will make you happy. They have a large selection of sweet and salty food, like incredible avocado toast.

Store Street Espresso

This is a must if you are in London and you like coffee and food. They have a lot of breakfast options like amazing pies or incredible toast. The delicious muffins and tasty brownies will tempt you from the first moment and their cheesecake is one of the best in London.