British Museum

British Museum

Bloomsbury is an amazing neighborhood in the heart of London. Is near everything popular in the city where you can find essential museums, amazing coffee shops and libraries that will blow your mind. If you want to grab the finest coffee or drink a delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows, eat the best meringues in town and know a lot more of the city you are visiting, you must stop by this awesome neighbourhood.

Caffè Tropea

It’s an oasis in a crowded city, a beautiful candy store where you can have great coffee and eat delicious meringues or marshmallows. You can also have a typical English breakfast and have energy for your entire day. If the weather is good, you must sit outside and enjoy the garden and the views.

The London Review Cake Shop

If you are looking for the best cupcakes in the city you have to go to this place. They have lots and lots of different cakes to enjoy and you will have difficulties picking just one. They also have a large variety of tea and vegan options. It’s a tiny and charming place with a lot of personality that you will love.

Burr & Co. London

The decoration of this place will blow your mind and the food is just amazing. They have healthy options and home baked cakes to have an amazing breakfast. You should try their incredible brownies and their refinated pastries.

Store Street Espresso

If you are a coffee lover and you are in Bloomsbury this is the place for you. Their baristas are true experts and you can enjoy an amazing espresso with extraordinary food like cupcakes, brownies or some other treats you will find on the counter. The coffee, the food and the kind service will make you start your day in a good mood.

Maps of coffee shops near Bloomsbury

What to do and what to visit near Bloomsbury

Coffee in the Market

It’s a farmers market full of home food with lots of colours and smells that will make you an addict. It opens every Thursday from 9 to 14 and it has fresh vegetables as well as different pastries and treats from everywhere. You will aso find a lot of take away food to have lunch for good prices and make your day.

The British Museum

It’s impossible to see it all in just one visit but it’s worth a try. The British Museum is one of the emblemas of the city, a must in your trip you shouldn't miss. It gathers the major collection of history of the world, more than eight million pieces in different collections across the history that will leave you speechless.

Grant Museum of Zoology

It’s a small and interesting museum, a jewel for the ones fascinated in the history of science. It has an infinity of animals exhibited, captivating sections of extinct animals and lots of other amusant things. The entrance is free and you will spend stimulating hours in the world of science and animals.

St. Pancras New Church

If you think it’s beautiful from the outside you should pass through its doors and enjoy a masterpiece of architecture. It was built between 1819 and 1822 and is still a place of worship and also has a distinct concert program. The crypt was used as a bomb shelter and now is an art gallery.