Farringdon is a small district in Central London that tourists love. It has lots of different pubs where you can relax and drink amazing pints and coffee shops where you can enjoy the best cakes, cupcakes and cookies with amazing teas. It’s also a referent spot in jewelry matters and you can find amazing churches or colorful markets too.


It’s a hidden spot where you can enjoy a delightful breakfast. The style of the place is modern and sophisticated and the food is just amazing. You can drink all kinds of coffee with brownies or cupcakes but you can also have lunch with many sandwiches and salad options.

EC1 Coffee House

Apart from delicious coffees, amazing teas and lots of different sweets, this place is also known for it's charm and warmth. It’s a tiny shop with amazing capuchinos and croissants that will blow your mind. You will want to try all the cakes and treats in the shelter and it will become one of your favourite spots in the city.

Redemption Roasters - Farringdon

If you like to start your day with a sweet brownie and a strong coffees, this is your place. It’s a small coffee shop with a few tables inside and cute benches outside. You can have an incredible breakfast here with lots of different sandwiches and toast and the most amazing bakery and cookies.

Starbucks Coffee

This is a well-known coffee chain that always saves your day. Among all the treats and cakes that tempted you from the shelter, here you can find delicious smoothies and frappuccinos. It’s a good option for a take away but you can also enjoy its comfy sofas to relax and chill a little bit.

Maps of coffee shops near Farringdon

What to do and what to visit near Farringdon

The Charterhouse

The Charterhouse is an historic building you must visit if you want to know all the history of London. It has had so many uses along the years. It was a cemetery for the ones who died in the Black Death, a big family house, a hospital and school and a charity house. It has a wonderful garden, an excellent museum and an historic chapel, the place is really fascinating.

St Giles Cripplegate

It’s a very nice and old church hidden between the large and huge buildings that it’s worth finding. Is one of the few medieval churches that remain in the city, a great place to enjoy the pass of time and connect with your inner self. The interior has some glorious stained glass windows and it’s very well worth a visit.

Smithfield Market

It’s the largest wholesale meat market in the country and one of the largest in Europe. Smithfield Market has been a livestock market for over 800 years and it’s still modern. The architecture of the building is amazing and the history in it will make all the experience amusing.


If you like to party and you enjoy big clubs you cannot leave London without spending a night in Fabric. It’s located in Farringdon and each week welcomes a really talented DJ that will make you dance all night long. It’s a huge place with multiple rooms and different ambients that makes this place one of the best disco in all Europe.