Maltby Street

Maltby Street

Maltby Street is one of the most amazing places in London. It’s on the south side of the city, in Bermondsey, and besides is not as known by tourists as other places, has a charming vibe that amuses everybody who steps in. The Maltby Street Market will be a must in your trip and you will love it from the minute one.

WatchHouse Roastery

If you want to stop the clock and travel in time you have to go to this lovely place. This old house has turned into a perfect cafe to enjoy breakfast. You will fall in love with the decoration, the staff, the atmosphere and the pancakes.

Waffle On

If you are crazy about waffles you must stop by this amazing place. Even from far away you can smell the delicious aroma of a succulent waffle and immediately you want to taste this yummy sweet. They have so many options that you will have a hard time choosing just one.

Comptoir Gourmand Maltby

This small and hidden shop is sometimes difficult to find but the search is worth it. You can barely see it from the road across but you can use the amazing smell to guide you. It’s a wonderful place to have brunch and eat incredible croissants, cakes, pancakes or french toast that you will never forget.

Secret Goldmine Cafe

It’s a perfect place to eat all kinds of breakfast, sweet or salad, with amazing and gourmet cakes that will blow your mind like the meat and cheese pie. It’s a hidden cafe and the place is really elegant and stylish. If you are visiting the Maltby Street Market, this place definitely deserves a stop.

Maps of coffee shops near Maltby Street

What to do and what to visit near Maltby Street

St. Mary Magdalen Bermondsey

It’s a beautiful Anglican church dedicated to St. Mary Magdalen in the London Borough of Southwark. The building is late 17th century and its parish extends as far as the Thames. Apart from the amazing building the churchyard is another must in your visit.

Fashion and Textile Museum

It’s a small museum with very interesting expositions. It has temporary exhibitions that change over time, all of them around fashion and textile subjects, all of them so amazing that you can revisit the place over and over again.

Tanner Street Park

It’s a beautiful place to take a walk and relax. It's full of big and thick trees, a lot of benches where you can sit and read, perfect paths to ride your bicycle and public tennis courts to have some exercise. It was opened in 1929 and it’s a small park where you can avoid the stress of the city.

Street food at Maltby Street Market

It’s a small market with a special charm. You will not see a lot of tourists but you will find a lot of local people every weekend. It’s full of street food from different countries with so many varieties of tastes that you will want to try it all, from the most delicious pancakes or french toast to amazing burgers.