Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holmes Museum

It’s a beautiful and lovely neighborhood in London with a lot of indie boutiques and chic restaurants. In Marylebone Village you will find the most amazing buildings, it’s one of the most valued areas in London and a lot of famous personalities like John Lenon, Madonna or Sherlock Holmes have lived there.

Arro Coffee - The Temple of Coffee

It’s a lovely coffee shop with a lot of options like healthy sandwiches or amazing and delicious cakes. The decoration of Arro Coffee is chic and beautiful and the staff is so nice that this will become your favorite place.

The Monocle Cafe

The Monocle Cafe is just a gorgeous and charming place with the cutest entrance and the most delicious pastries. It’s a tiny place but everything there is worth it, from the most insane fusion meals to the best chocolate cookies you have ever tasted.

Boxcar Baker & Deli

It’s an ideal cafe to sit and relax after a long day. They have a great and delicious selection of cakes and also fantastic dishes you will love immediately. The almond croissant will blow your mind and you will become a true addict.

Saint Espresso

It’s a small cafe near to the station and it’s a perfect place to have breakfast and start your day with energy and with a good mood. The hot chocolate is excellent and all the sweets and treats will make you happy.

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Sherlock Holmes Museum

If you are a Conan Doyle fan and you want to know more about the most amazing detective ever, you must visit this museum. You can visit his house and plunge into a world of mystery. The details are amazing and you will become even more of a fanatic of Sherlock Holmes after visiting the 221B of Baker Street.

The Wallace Collection

This small palace is full of art from past centuries, authentic treasures you can not miss. Handicraft works, weapons, paintings, furniture, miniatures and a lot of amazing other things. The entrance is free and the architecture of the house is also fascinating.

Marylebone Green Playground

It’s a really good place to spend the day with your kids and friends and have a little exercise. You can find swings, a seesaw, a climbing frame, a rock-climbing wall, a living willow tunnel among a lot of other funny things.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds one of the most famous museums of the world where you can find waxed figures of the most recent celebrities and historical figures of all time. The attention to details is fascinating and you will be shocked by the resemblance.

Marylebone is a centric area with a lot of parties and nightlife. It’s also a very touristic place and it’s not rare to finish the night with some hot company like a call girl or a luxury escort to have a night full of passion and fulfill the naughtiest fantasies.