St. Paul's

St. Paul's

St. Paul’s is one of the emblematic places of London, it was builded between 1676 and 1710 and the second biggest cathedral in all England. This cathedral holded important events in British history and it is still a funcional church. It’s placed in Ludgate Hill, the highest spot in the city and it’s a must if you are visiting London. Around the cathedral you can find a lot of interesting places to enjoy your afternoon tea or learn about the history of the city.

Artigiano Espresso and Wine Bar

If you are around the cathedral, you have to stop in this place to take a coffee or have an afternoon tea. They have a lot of homemade food like croissants or different cakes that welcomes you in the best way. The chill atmosphere makes it the perfect local to go for an afterworks drink and they also have excellent pizza.

SOHO Coffee Co.

Having breakfast in this coffee shop with a large cup of coffee and a delicious sweet while looking at the cathedral is a perfect way to start your day. The views are amazing and the large variety of breakfast, both sweet and salty, will make this place one of your favourites.

Black Sheep Coffee

This coffee shop has different kinds of coffee coming from all over the world and it’s a perfect place to experience new flavours let you guide from the baristas. It’s a chain with many locations around the city but if you are near St. Paul’s you should grab a cup there.

Café Rouge

Café Rouge is a cozy and sophisticated place with a classic decoration and a perfect location. You can relax a little bit and have the afternoon tea there with delicious cakes. The kitchen is open the whole day so if you want to eat a meal at any time this is also a good option.

Maps of coffee shops near St. Pauls

What to do and what to visit near St. Paul’s

Museum of London

You can find this museum in the financial district, an amazing neighbourhood that mixes skyscrapers and Roman ruins. If you want to know the history of the city you must go there and from the prehistory to nowadays. The entrance is free and opens everyday so it’s a must if you are touristing the city.

Central Criminal Court

It’s also known as Old Bailey and it’s a set of buildings that houses the Crown Court. If you love architecture and justice courts it’s a must on your trip because it’s fascinating. It’s part of London history and the magestiousety of the place and the people in it makes it totally worth it.

Mansion House

It was builded between 1739 and 1752 and if you think that it’s beautiful from the outside, the inside will amaze you. You have to book the visit in advance and it’s a perfect way to discover more about London society and walk through private rooms.

London Mithraeum

It’s a small museum but it’s really interesting and amusing. It’s one of the most preserved Roman ruins in London and you can have an immersive experience with voices and lights that will make the experience even better.