Stratford Station

Stratford Station

Stratford is a neighborhood in the suburban town in East London. It’s full of shops, restaurants and leisure places. It has been modernized thanks to the Olympic Games 2012 and has a lot of sports facilities.

Hand Cafe

They have really good food for a delicious breakfast or amazing brunch. The coffee is also excellent and you will have serious difficulties picking just one thing on the handwritten menu board.

Thingy Cafe

It’s a hidden garden where you can eat so good that Thingy Cafe will quickly become one of your favourite places. It has a cosy indoor space and a rotating many with vegan options and brownies that will blow your mind.

Cafe Du Metro London

If you want to have an amazing sandwich or you want to enjoy the typical English breakfast and start your day with happiness in your belly and full of energy, this is the place for you. It’s a nice and small cafe with great coffee and excellent customer service.


This is the perfect place if you are feeling busy and want to relax and chill a little bit. It’s a lovely and calm cafe with tasty food and comforting coffee and tea. You have to try the cinnamon rolls and the amazing pies or if you prefer salted food they have the most tasty bagels.

Maps of coffee shops near Stratford

What to do and what to visit near Stratford

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

This park is a great place to visit if you want to feel the Olympic spirit and see all the stadiums of London 2012. It’s a huge green area where you can walk, do spots or escape from the noise of the city.

Stratford Park

If you want to enjoy nature and green areas, this place is just amazing. It has a space for insects, squirrels and foxes and the whole place will help your mental health. It’s perfect for a picnic, for playing with your kids or for walking with your friends.

ArcelorMittal Orbit

If you want a rush of adrenaline you have to slide down this huge sledge. You can see amazing views of the city from the top of the viewpoint and have fun sliding down. It’s the largest and longest sledge of the world and it may seem scary but it will be worth it.

St. John’s Church

It’s a charming church with a lovely green area where you can take a walk and relax. It’s a little oasis in a big city where you can chill, play with your kids and fall in love with the beautiful gardens.