Wembley stadium

Wembley stadium

Wembley it’s a neighborhood in the northwest of the city and it’s known for the emblematic stadium with the same name. There’s also a lot of shops and cafes where you can enjoy a break in your day or you can have the most delicious brunch.

Caffè Nero

It’s a good place to have a break in your shopping day and take a cup of coffee to fuel you. The chairs of Caffè Nero are so comfortable you can relax and chill and the pies will sweeten your day to make it perfect. You must try the lemon pie!

Black Sheep Coffee & Cocktails

It’s a famous coffee chain where you can find different types of coffee from all over the world and you can enjoy incredible and exotic smells. The place is big and beautiful, with a lot of personality where you can stay for hours. You can also have delicious cookies and amazing croissants.

Sudbury Cafe Wembley

This place is a must if you want to start your day with energy with one of the best breakfast in the city. They have different options for the typical English breakfast and they also have vegetarian options.

The Urban Chocolatier - Wembley

This is a desert heaven for the ones who love sweetness. They have so many options of delicious sweets that you will have trouble just picking one. You can have a lot of different flavours of ice cream, delicious cookie dough, yummy goffres with chocolate and a long list of deserts that will make you drool.

Maps of coffee shops near Wembley

What to do and what to visit near Wembley

Wembley Stadium

It’s a stadium that has seen many goals and many historic moments in the world of football. It also has enjoyed many magical nights with the most amazing concerts ever with artists like Queen, Michael Jackson or U2 among others. The architecture is also amazing and the tour of the stadium is a must if you are sightseeing in the city.

Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandir

If you like culture, history and architecture, you should visit this place. It’s a quiet spot for meditating and praying and the sculptures you will find are fascinating. There are 38 sanctuaries for different hindu deities and it's a pilgrimage place to show spiritual devotion.

London Designer Outlet

If you want to treat yourself to shopping and spend the day buying top brands you should go to this mall. It has so many varieties of shops and outlets and you will find everything you are looking for.

King Edward VII Park

It’s a huge park where you can walk and enter into a city oasis where everything is green. It was founded in 1914 and you can find football fields, tennis courts and gym machines among other things. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is a perfect place for you.