Palace of Westminster

Palace of Westminster

If you want to see amazing architecture and you want to learn something about the city, you must visit Westminster. It’s one of the most tourist attractions in London and you definitely should go.

Ravello Coffee

A delicious breakfast it’s the best way to start the day and you can do that in this café. Ravello Coffee have both sweet and salty options but the lumpy bumpy brownie is one of the most famous in this place.

Iris & June

This café is a fancy and really elegant place where you can eat a lot of healthy food. They have vegetarian and vegan options and also gluten free so you can enjoy your meal. The salads are just amazing and if you want a treat after a healthy lunch you must try their delicious banana bread.


When you see all the food on the counter of this coffee shop you will have some difficulties picking just one thing. Everything seems delicious and you definitely will have one of the best breakfast of all times. They also serve the traditional English breakfast and it’s just delicious.

The English Rose Café and Tea Shop

If you like pastries and fancy desserts you must visit this place. This is perfect if you want to enjoy an amazing afternoon tea with some sweets and you will go over and over again until you have tried it all. The scones, the amazing cakes, the muffins, the macarons… all in the cuttest café ever.

Maps of coffee shops near Westminster

What to do and what to visit near Westminster

Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace is one of the must if you are sightseeing London, one of the main attractions of the city and it’s impossible to miss. It’s a huge building with lots of history, an emblematic place for the whole country. And you definitely must stay for the guard change.

Palace of Westminster

You can not leave London without visiting the Palace of Westminster and the Big Ben. Its architecture is mindblowing and you never imagined it would be that big. It’s a Victorian Gothic building designed by Barry and Pugin between 1840 and 1860 and it will leave you speechless.

Westminster Cathedral

The Westminster Cathedral is huge and beautiful. It’s a little unknown but definitely worth it to visit, both inside and outside. The red bricks make it special and the 87 meters bell tower will make you take a lot of pictures. As a fact, the Pope Juan pablo II gave mass once there.

10th Downing Street

Maybe you have seen this facade in tv news when they talk about the UK and it’s because this is the official residency and executive office of the prime minister of the United Kingdom. This house is pure history of the country and a truly emblematic place in London.

Westminster is a very important neighbourhood in London where you can find a lot of tourist attractions and historical monuments. It also has a lot of nightlife like restaurants, pubs or clubs where you can have fun with your friends. And if you want to spice up your trip you can spend the night in a hotel with a luxury escort and have an unforgettable night.