A cupcake is much more than a small cake, it’s a delicious piece of art that will make your life happier. It’s an individual cake with butter, sugar, eggs, yeast and flour and a flower of buttercream on top. You can find cupcakes with different flavours, colours and decorations and they are perfect for birthday parties or brunches. If you love this little piece of heaven and you drool every time you pass through a candy shop, you are one of us.

Most requested cupcakes

Red velvet

This is one of the most famous cupcakes and it’s especially popular on Saint Valentine's Day. It has a little bit of chocolate and a cheese buttercream but what really makes this sweet trendy is the strong colour red of the cake.

Double vainilla

If you think that everything tastes better with vainilla, you must try the double vanilla flavor with beans both in the cake and in the buttercream frosting. It’s so pure and so addictive that you won’t eat just one. They are so elegant that they are perfect for an office party.

Chocolate Peanut

Having a bite of a chocolate peanut cupcake is going back to your childhood. If you are a little bit down, the mix of the chocolate and the peanut butter will cheer you up immediately, it’s just amazing and never gets old.

Lemon Meringue

The refreshing taste of the lemon and the incredible texture of the meringue makes Lemon Meringue cupcakes the perfect desert. It’s lighter than other flavours and is a safe option for any dinner party.

Vanilla Nutella

A vanilla and nutella cupcake is a synonym of freedom and happiness. Eating this cake on Fridays after work will make you start your weekend in the best mood. You will enjoy every single bite and when you finish it you would wish it was bigger.


There’s nothing fancier than a strawberry cupcake so if you are planning a sophisticated brunch or launching a classy party these are a must on your sweet desk. The delicious taste and the bright colours will make you recieve lots of compliments.


Nowadays you can find every single favour of cupcake on its vegan option and some of them are so perfectly baked that you would even notice the difference. If you love cupcakes and you want to enjoy them without compromising your veganims you have plenty of choices.